Tooth sensitivity is generally caused by two factors: dental decay or exposed root surfaces. If dental decay is the source of the problem the dentist will recommend the appropriate restorative measure.

The purpose of this document is to help our patients with teeth sensitivity caused by exposed root surfaces.

    a). After cleaning your teeth as you normally do, put a little desensitizing paste onto a toothbrush or Q-Tip.

    b). Rub the paste onto the sensitive teeth, especially at the gum line.

    c). Do not rinse it out! Let it work!

    d). Do this twice a day until the tooth sensitivity decreases to a comfortable level. After this, do it once a day for a month. After this month, do it once a week forever.

    e). Based on always use a soft bristled tooth brush. Medium and hard bristled brushes are too abrasive and may make the problem of root surface tooth sensitivity worse.

    f). Some brands of desensitizing paste: Denquel, Sensodyne, Promise.

    g). Where to buy: Any major supermarket or drugstore in the toothpaste section.